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Legends of Alyria


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Legends of Alyria

One thousand years have passed since the Rape of Alyria. Within the walls of the Citadel, men bow to a god of Iron and Thunder, and pay homage to the Keepers, priests of this fearful god.

To the east, another nation has risen. Tales speak of the Ark, and their masked people without names.

Dragon cultists worship in dark places and infiltrate the halls of power, seeking to return their masters to the surface.

A red, blood moon rises above the horizon, a harbinger of doom, for the Outsiders have returned.

"Legends of Alyria stands with Nine Worlds as the best science flavored, slightly-surreal fantasy role-playing games I have ever seen."--Ron Edwards, designer of Sorcerer

"A science-fantasy game of tremendous moral clarity and spiritual depth."--Ben Lehman, designer of Polaris


Legends of Alyria is a game of imagination set in the dark technofantasy world of Alyria.

Legends of Alyria is a type of game normally called a roleplaying game (or RPG).

Additional Information

Edition:  First Edition

Publisher:  Seth Ben-Ezra

Released: 2005

Language: English

Pages: 184

PDF: 8.34mb


Print Version Details:

     Binding: Perfect-bound


     Interior Ink: Black & white

     Weight: 0.89 lbs.

     Dimensions: (in) 6.63 x 10.25

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