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A Flower for Mara
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eth Ben-Ezra Dark Omen Games

A Flower for Mara

She died that night.

She was the light of my days, the glory of my existence. Cut down like a flower in the prime of her life.

Now, I stand at her grave. They're lowering her in.

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

A Flower for Mara is an improvisational play about death, loss, grief, and hope.

In it, the cast members portray the immediate family of Mara, a woman who has died unexpectedly, during the first year after her death.

We will see them deal with their loss - will they be able to lay aside their grief and continue on with their lives, or will they be trapped by their sorrow, unable to move forward?

Additional Information

Edition:  First Edition

Publisher:  Seth Ben-Ezra

Released: 2008

Language: English

Pages: 46

PDF: 7.6 mb


Print Version Details:

     Binding: Perfect-bound


     Interior Ink: Black & white

     Weight: 0.28 lbs.

     Dimensions: (in) 9 x 7

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